Step into being your Authentic Self and stand in your power as the strong, confident and fully expressed person you were born to be?
Unlock the shackles and liberate your voice to sing in freedom and consciously create an inspired life?
Join Julia Williamson on a journey through awakening your powerful voice, unravelling the things that hold you back and living from the highest guidance of your heart.

Activate your powerful voice

Your voice is unique to you and a potent healing tool for your body, mind, heart and soul

Your voice is an important component in you becoming a conscious creator in manifesting your ideal life


Your truth when spoken from the heart is your most powerful alchemical healing force

Toning and singing create sounds and vibration that releases stored knowledge and information to flood into your body

You transform your life when you heal your voice

The 7 Day Reset Experience

You need a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour for each daily program

You can take 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months.  No forcing. We all process and heal in our own time

You practice listening, observing, journalling, meditating, singing, chanting, toning and songwriting

You will expand your voice, fine-tune your intuition, regulate your emotions, improve your immune system and feel peace of mind

You discover using the potent power of your voice to transform negative patterns, wounds, and trauma to rewire the brain and consciously create the life you desire


The 7 DAY RESET is vibrational alchemy

where you awaken your powerful voice and innate capacity to consciously create your ideal life.  Your words, thoughts and actions become the mirror of your souls highest intention to transform your reality.


Meet Julia

A Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner with a long history of professionally singing, performing, teaching and facilitating community singing groups in Australia, Bali and the United Kingdom.

Julia has navigated the personal turmoil of abuse and how that affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Since 2003 she has been helping people unfold, open and blossom to create permanent, positive change in their lives.

Julia’s mission with Sing to Thrive is to support people in finding their voice, their voice that may have been repressed or lost through all the many situations humans find themselves in. We all want to be fully expressed in our lives, to be able to ask for what we want, to express ourselves freely without fear, experience the joy and liberation of singing at the drop of a hat and become the conscious creators we were born to be. 

This work goes to the very heart of change for you to joyfully build skills to become the dominant creative force in your life to find your powerful voice and transform your life.