With 20+ years of experience I have discovered ...

…that one session is never enough to achieve transformation and over time I have fine-tuned a healing journey that ties a powerful process Past Age Clearing and Healing with Singing to clear limiting beliefs, childhood trauma and past life wounds which ties in with scientific research proving that it takes 21 days to consolidate new brain maps, which is what is needed for full transformation!

  • We are all operating from subconscious patterning and old behaviours and it is easy to compromise and lose yourself by not having a voice and believing you don’t have the power to change it which affects your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • I  hold a high-level space and offer loving and non-judgmental support to either move you through times of upheaval and challenge or to raise you to your next level.
  • Unlock the shackles, awaken your powerful voice and start living from the highest guidance of your heart and soul.

Heal Body, Mind and Soul

Activate your voice. Truth when spoken from the heart is the most powerful alchemical healing force

Unapologetically and confidently connect to yourself and live authentically with passion and purpose to soar beyond limitation

Release layer upon layer of conditioning, wounding and sabotage programming to find the REAL you.

Unleash your voice and your inner lioness to live wild and free and be the glorious glowing physical entity and beacon of light  you were born to be

Fine tune your intuition and tap into your inner genius to be the major guiding light in your life

During the 21 Day Transformation you will experience

A deep dive into the psyche and unlock past scripts and trauma with 3 Past Age Clearing and Healing (PACH) sessions spread out over a 21 day period.

Daily singing and healing mantras to integrate the healing sessions and rewire the brain through the power of neuroplasticity to replace limiting beliefs and dramatically boost your physical, mental and emotional health. 

Email or WhatsApp support between sessions to cultivate your inner observer, fine-tune your intuition, develop your Empath skills and embody a peaceful mind and knowing heart.  

Dietary and nutritional guidance to support the healing process and boost your immune system. 

A personalised plan for moving forward to maintain momentum, spiritual growth and inner freedom.

Meet Julia

A Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner with a long history of professionally singing, performing, teaching and facilitating community singing groups in Australia, Bali and the United Kingdom.

Julia has navigated the personal turmoil of abuse and how that affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Since 2003 she has been helping people unfold, open and blossom to create permanent, positive change in their lives.

Julia’s mission with Sing to Thrive is to support people in finding their voice, their voice that may have been repressed or lost through all the many situations humans find themselves in. We all want to be fully expressed in our lives, to be able to ask for what we want, to express ourselves freely without fear, experience the joy and liberation of singing at the drop of a hat and become the joyful conscious creators we were born to be.

This work goes to the very heart of change for you to joyfully build skills to become the dominant creative force in your life to find your powerful voice and transform your life.

Holistic vocal coach Julia Williamson Healer Singer Songwriter Performer


Embody the sacredness of your VOICE to consciously create your ideal life and align with your higher purpose. 

The work we will do together is POWERFUL. It’s deeply healing and transformative and takes a high level and fully bespoked coaching commitment from us both.

The 21 Day Transformation Package is priced at $999.

In addition to 3 scheduled healing sessions (available via phone or online video conference) you will be fully supported with high vibrational music audios and meditations to work with for the 21days and access to me via email or WhatsApp between sessions.  You are not alone. 

If you are ready for real change, a happier heart and to be fully expressed, let’s speak.

Please know there may be a wait time as I only book 3 clients per week so I am available to fully support you, and also have the time to be of service to my other humanitarian projects.