Inspire your choir and raise the bar to uplift, motivate and excel

Inspire your choir to feel amazing, sing with passion and take them to the next level


Amplify the magnetic frequency of your choir to uplift and inspire


Choir Music

  • Large variety of genres and contemporary songs in acapella, rounds, call and respond and harmony songs.
  • All harmonies have individual audios to learn each song part, ie; soprano, alto, tenor, bass, counterpoint and solo. NO MUSIC READING SKILLS REQUIRED!
  • FUN and inspiring warm up songs to keep your singers happy and healthy.
  • 7 Albums grouped by themes for effortless class planning.
  •  All song lyrics are designed to inspire, motivate and rewire the brain with positive messages.
  • Songs with guitar or ukulele include an instrumental backing track.
  • Digital songbooks full of valuable activities, features, benefits and lyrics to create a better experience for you and your choir.

Start a Choir

  • Coming SOON. Our online program to Become a Singing Leader
  • Learn how to teach melodies, harmonies, rounds and improvise like a pro.
  • Prosper from a tried and tested class plan to ensure success, variety and fun leading your own choir.
  • Upskill with the 8 Somatic Vocal Tips and Techniques to become a more powerful singer and teacher.
  • Employ our 6 Simple Steps to Build Singing/Harmony Skills to train your ear to hear harmonies easily.
  • Learn harmony parts quickly and easily with the individual audios (no  music reading skills needed).
  • Singing positive songs, rewires the brain and improves everyone’s mental, physical and emotional health and well-being creating happy, healthy communities across the globe.

Zero Music Reading Skills Needed!