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Julia Williamson

Harmony Lesson – Sing Harmony and Free your Authentic Voice

90 minutes
All levels
28 lessons
2 quizzes
1 student

Empowering ~ Emotive ~ Grounding

Singing harmonies is a blast and using our 6 simple steps to build harmony skills will refine your listening ear and develop your auditory recall making hearing and pitching to a harmony much easier.

In this lesson, you will be singing a 3-part a cappella song that has an important message to help you free your authentic voice.  A core message about the voice is that “when we honour ourselves and speak up, we are communicating effectively and taking care of our own needs.”  This can be one of the most challenging things for people to do because their upbringing may have taught them to take care of others first, or not cause any waves and just do as their told.  This song helps to unravel limiting beliefs and rewire new neural pathways to empower you with more confidence to express your truth all whilst coaching your ear and your voice to sing beautiful harmonies.

You can repeat the lesson as many times as you like to continue boosting your harmony singing and training your voice.

To your strong and powerful voice.

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