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Tips for Vocal Health

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Every day we use our voice to express a multitude of emotions. We can use our voice to seduce, soothe, calm, uplift, motivate, yell, scream, demand, give direction, request, laugh, cry…. to do so many things.

The voice is strongly connected to our power and how we broadcast ourselves to the world. If you have a pattern of throat issues (like I did), you will benefit from looking at all aspects, not just the physical.

In all my years of Past Age Clearing and Healing practitioner work and facilitating singing groups, I have seen the most profound transformations in people. When they allow themselves to let go of the mind, which holds fearful beliefs and drop into their heart-space, they access the most beautiful essence within themselves that resonates through their voice.  Extraordinary things happen when people learn to surrender to a deep primal trust and release their voice, which has a positive ripple effect in every area of their lives.

Using simple techniques and a unique approach to release old patterns and programming rewires the brain for success and activates your innate genius to live an inspired, joyful life.

This FREE resource is here to support you to liberate your voice and authentically share your unique gifts and talents with the world.

Thank you for being here.


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