Hi-vibe songs for a more connected, happy home

Create an inspirational environment for your loved ones to flourish.

Childhood is precious and the environment your child lives in sets them up for life. Negative media, fear and too much screen time is hard to avoid. The Family Tribe Series gives you conscious music that promotes self-awareness, positivity, nature and at the same time builds their musicality, cognitive and social skills and creates opportunities for deep bonding and fun with you.


Build singing and music skills, Boost language, learning, memory, emotional expression and communication skills.

Music Therapy

Singing sharpens focus, calms the nervous system and improves sleep, ideal for ADHD, stress and behavioural issues.


Singing triggers feel-good chemicals to uplift moods. It improves brain development and builds new neural pathways.


Singing is a physical workout, boosts oxygen intake, improves detoxification, fortifies the immune system and is joyful.

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Pre-birth to Pre-school

  • Like a house, the brain is built on a strong foundation that starts before birth.
  • Neuroscience has proven that babies and young children are literally like sponges where the brain grows new synapses just by being exposed to new stimuli.
  • A baby’s brain, at birth, contains close to 100 billion neurons. There is a window of opportunity in these ‘critical periods’ to strongly influence the 15000 synapses per neuron that get hardwired by the age of 3.
  • Scientific research shows astounding results where music dramatically improves listening, learning, language, spelling, memory and attention span.
  • Playing the Sing to Thrive music in the background or singing to your child creates strong bonds, sends positive, loving messages and develops their musical aptitude.

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School Age to Teenagers

  • Age appropriate lyrics designed to enhance awareness of self and the world around us.
  • Singing develops your child’s empathy, emotional expression and encourages communication skills.
  • Improve their concentration, focus and memory singing songs which ultimately builds self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • These songs are an easy and fun way to help children struggling with learning, speech problems or behavioural issues by activating both hemispheres of the brain and releasing feel-good chemicals to influence mood and behaviour.
  • Our music is a way to build positivity in a world where popular music is graphic and dangerously explicit. This can drastically alter a child’s perception of the world.

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Teenagers and Beyond

  • Singing is a powerful tool for teenagers to express pent up emotions, alleviate anxiety and stress to bring them back to centre.
  • It naturally leads to song-writing and strengthens the pathways for open communication helping teenagers to navigate any external and internal struggles.
  • Singing triggers neurochemicals oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins enhancing joy, and giving them an internal sense of trust and happiness.
  • The songs are designed to rewire the brain with a ‘CAN DO’ attitude and inspire a strong belief in self to take inspired action towards creating an amazing life.
  • Quantum science has proven that what we focus our attention on, we attract. The Sing to Thrive lyrics enhance a creative imagination to DREAM BIG and  develop strong focusing skills which are required to become a dynamic conscious creator, empowering them with important life skills.

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fun family bonding singing in car belting singing benefits

Does your talented child want to take singing to the next level?

  • Singing lessons at your own pace, ideal for teenagers to use in the privacy of their bedroom! No wifi needed after download.
  • Fun and effective singing lessons designed to improve singing, pitch, rhythm and timing with individual audios to train the ear to hear harmonies and improvise like a pro.
  • Singing naturally leads to song-writing which enhances creative imagination, emotional expression and literacy skills.

Head on over to the SING page and explore the ‘Professional Albums’ to learn more about how you can supercharge your childs singing and performance skills.

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I recently finished the Tips and Techniques E-book and I am blown away. I use it most days just to exercise my voice and I always feel more uplifted, calm and vocally alive.  It is so straight forward.  Thank you so much, It’s a masterpiece!!!

Lilli Bailey, Student Actor, Melbourne

Effective immediately upon starting tuition,  my son returned ‘bounding’ through our door uncharacteristically JOYOUS. It was a thrill to see him so happy. Julia is an amazing lady on many levels but what she brought to my sons life is priceless. Well beyond singing tuition!

Lynne Arnold, Disability Support, Bilambil Heights, Gold Coast

Your singing classes were the foundation to grow my daughters confidence and skills. She has blossomed since we started her and often sings with me at home while I play guitar.  Thank you for all you hard work in the community.

Grant Ible, Father, Ocean Shores

Thank you for inspiring my daughter Mariana to have the confidence to perform with such confidence and grace. I was so proud of her.  Thank you once again Julia!

Sophie Christou, Mother and Business Owner, Byron Bay

The light is shining brighter in our daughter Jaz every day and I have you to thank for all your love and guidance.  I am so appreciative of your work.

Tara, Mother, Ocean Shores