Harness the power of neuroplasticity

Rewire the brain, liberate your voice and activate inner happiness

Transform past conditioning, emotional wounds, fear and anxiety through the powerful medicine of music and neuroplasticity using our Journey Activations. Extraordinary things happen when we release our voice, replace negative patterns and activate our innate genius to live an inspired, joyful life.  Imagine your grandest vision,  boost your health on all levels and expand into your potential!


FREE YOUR VOICE as you speak your truth, set healthy boundaries and sing just for the fun of it


LIVE IN PEACE as you rewire a positive mindset, clear self-doubt and slow down a busy, stressed mind


FREE YOUR SPIRIT as you connect to your wisdom, ignite your intuition and actualise your creative ideas


LOVE YOUR LIFE as you cultivate a deep love for self, see your own worth and live an inspired happy life

Get empowered now!


You are a beautiful and lovable soul…never doubt that!

Listen now to some of the songs waiting to activate your healing journey!

Activate inner happiness

  • When we feel joyless, it is hard to quickly lift our spirits, so many turn to substances which further desensitizes and disconnects us from our body.
  • Melancholic and angry music can set a downward trajectory of negative thinking.
  • Healing from addiction, depression and trauma can be a lengthy process and the medicine of this music is a potent natural therapy making the journey more joyful.
  • Our biology is affected by what we feed it.  Our mental health is affected by our biology. Feed it nurturing and nourishing music to improve your mindset and your entire well-being.
  • Music and singing trigger the brain’s feel-good chemicals dissolving fear and anxiety.
  • Soothe your nervous system and calm a busy mind.
  • Permanently transform subconscious layers of limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.

Listen now to get inspired and gain happy control of your life again, to live an inspired life


Facilitate joy-bursting sessions

  • Let me help you add the joy of singing to your sessions. Simply use the audios in a one on one or group session.
  • Music therapy is a highly effective natural treatment for mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, physical disabilities, brain injuries, substance abuse, Alzheimer’s disease and other aged related conditions.
  • It is a powerful vehicle that aids in releasing pent up emotions and alleviates pain.
  • Simple, fun and transformative activation journeys influence positive behaviours and a loving mindset.
  • Singing triggers the brain’s feel-good chemicals to break through any suffering and turn the mundane into magical.
  • Nourish and nurture yourself and your clients/patients with joyful, uplifting music and have a positive ripple effect throughout your community.
Listen now to get inspired…..enhance your toolkit with a unique and joyful approach and be a stand out facilitator in your field.

Do you want more skills?

Have you ever yearned to sing more or run a singing group?  Would you like to add singing as a complementary addition to activate more joy and happiness for clients and workshops? Are you ready to say YES to the most rewarding and fun thing you can do to help humanity?

  • Fun and effective facilitator training workshops will empower you with the skills necessary to share singing as a group activity that is life-giving, leaving you feeling joyful and uplifted along with your participants.
  • As a facilitator, you do not need music reading skills.  All songs are taught by ear making singing accessible and immediate.
  • You receive a FREE Resource Book to run community singing groups with stacks of tips and techniques with my tried and tested class plans to support your singing journey.