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Twice as much fun to get inspired and develop everyone’s singing voice and music skills!  Contribute to enhanced brain activity, improve moods, mental alertness, focus, learning, language, memory, emotional expression and sleep activity. Singing and music reduce anxiety, alleviate depression and improve ADHD and most importantly make you HAPPY.

View the individual albums to LISTEN to our catchy songs.

All music and songbooks are an EASY digital download. No WIFI needed after download. HAPPY DAYS!

4 reviews for FAMILY TRIBE PACK

  1. Shelagh Pepper (verified owner)

    Big thank you. The power of singing is extraordinary…..I feel SO much better. I think tears must turn sour if they can’t find a way out…. thanks for opening up the way. You are a wonderful resource for the community.

  2. Gail Rundle, Accountant (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for letting me find my voice in more ways than one. Singing with you all those years ago and now having the songs to sing along with at home and with the grandkids is such a joy.

  3. Debbie Newman (verified owner)

    It is hard to describe the sheer joy, happiness, healing, light, laughter, poignancy, connecting of spirit; heart, soul and body that I have experienced since singing with Julia. These songs are a beautiful collection of the freedom and joy her music brings. Light, love and laughter!

  4. Julia Rochelli, Entrepreneur, Byron Bay (verified owner)

    You know that feeling when you’re in the car with the kids or grandkids and you have to listen to that ‘children’s’ cd or playlist again and again. This is when you play Family Tribe. It’s uplifting, inspiring, fresh and has great positive messages for kids to embrace. Family Tribe is also valuable for adults so singing along with the kids is a win-win for the whole family. We all thrive. I love it. Thank you for the good vibes.

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