INNER CONNECTION Professional Album

AUD $29.95 

Get a spiritual kick as you develop singing skills with inspirational songs that include audios for all harmony parts to improve pitch, rhythm, timing, auditory recall, improvisation and harmony skills. Also, an ideal resource for teachers and choir leaders, giving you everything you need to run successful and uplifting singing groups.

Listen below to get inspired!

Album and songbook are digital download only, wrapped in a zip file to reduce the file size.


‘ECHO’  – A cappella or instrumental Round with Four-part Harmony

  1. Whole Song
  2. Alto Melody
  3. Tenor
  4. Soprano
  5. Soprano Counterpoint
  6. Instrumental Backing Track


‘I AM THE LIGHT’ –  A Cappella Round

  1. Whole Song


‘OM MANI PADME HUM’ A Cappella Mantra with Seven-part Harmony

  1. Whole Song
  2. Alto Melody
  3. Mezzo-Soprano
  4. Baritone
  5. Tenor
  6. Bass
  7. Soprano
  8. Counterpoint


‘VIKING’ A Cappella Round with Seven-part Harmony

  1. Whole Song
  2. Alto Verse
  3. Om ba da dum Harmonies
  4. Counterpoints – Soprano, Alto, Tenor
  5. Drone and Rhythm


‘WAKE UP’ – A Cappella Four-part Round with Harmony

  1. Whole Song
  2. Bassline
  3. Great Spirit Alto
  4. You are Divine Alto
  5. You are Divine Soprano
  6. Counterpoint


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