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A healing balm for your voice, body, mind and soul this potent healing activation takes you to the heart of all issues to clear negative thinking and magnify your ability to honour your authentic self and shine.

3 reviews for JOURNEY TO SELF LOVE

  1. Ross (verified owner)

    I was still battling with anxiety and occasional bouts of depression. However, I had started to work out that when I could put aside my fears of looking like an idiot, and just singing, or dancing, or doing the thing that deep down my heart wanted to do, then my heart would open up and my worries would melt away, and I would feel connected with people and with myself again. Thank you sincerely Julia for being the amazing person that you are and for giving so much to me and so many others.

  2. Danielle Levis (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Julia for the energy and enthusiasm you put in lifting up our frequencies. You are a “magnifique” beeing.

  3. Kerry Brown – Healing and Sound Facilitator (verified owner)

    I had been feeling a strong desire to sing but was not confident. I had been told as a child my voice was monotone and that I could not sing but I had this feeling inside that I could, and was meant to. The Journey to Self-Love has transformed the way I think about myself and my voice and I am feeling more confident every day to sing loud and proud. Wooohooo….love this feeling!

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