Activate your unique authentic expression

Learn to sing your heart open, supercharge your confidence and thrive.

If you yearn to sing and harmonise better, you have to coach your ear and practice.  That’s why we created individual audios for all the harmonies on the Sing to Thrive Professional Series. No music reading skills or theory involved, just lots of singing with our ‘6 Simple Steps’ and the added bonus of life affirming lyrics to give you a ‘Can Do’ mindset.


Fun, empowering and super easy somatic singing lessons to become a more embodied, self-aware and powerful singer.

Boost Harmonies

Crazy simple approach to train your ear to hear harmonies more easily, expand your vocal range and beautify your tone.


Singing triggers feel-good neurochemicals. Positive life-affirming lyrics build brain maps for success and happiness.

Spread the Love

Everything you need to start up your very own amazing singing group and be making a profit from the get go.

Become a Confident and Powerful Singer

  • Follow the ‘6 Simple Steps to Build Singing and Harmony Skills’ to improve your pitch, auditory recall, timing, rhythm and technique.
  • Develop your power voice belting out solo’s like a genuine rock-star.
  • Train your ear to hear and sing harmonies, beautify your tone and expand your vocal range with our simple but highly effective approach……… (so easy)
  • Learn good singing habits, improve posture and get singing fit!
  • No music reading skills or theory needed…..YAY!
  • Harness the power of neuroplasticity and rewire the brain singing uplifting and inspiring messages to permanently build a positive mindset and become an awesome manifester….. added Bonus!
  • Everyone has a beautiful voice, and with the unique ‘Somatic Vocal Tips and Techniques’ under your belt, you will soon be a more embodied, self-aware and confident singer.

Listen here for some more inspiration!


Inspiring Music Classes

  • Stimulate and engage your student’s creative brain whilst developing their musical skills – pitch, rhythm, timing and harmonies. 
  • All lyrics are age-appropriate and designed to create awareness of self and the world around us. No sexual innuendo’s…Phew!
  • Singing breaks a bad mood and gets your students in the right mindset to enjoy learning.
  • You can use the music audios in the classroom for your students to sing along with to make your job easier and boost their literacy, self-esteem and confidence.
  • The songbooks are full of valuable information about the benefits of singing, how it affects the brain and is anti-ageing! I think that is more for you (LOL).
  • Play the recommended activities from the songbook for brain gym, cognitive development and social interaction. (Again to make your job easier… I know the challenge of coming up with fun and engaging ideas every week!)
  • It is scientifically proven that singing and music lights up both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing focus, learning, language and memory skills.
  • In a nutshell, singing is a spiritual experience that stimulates self-awareness, emotional expression and deep bonds. Your students will LOVE YOU for it.

Listen here for some more inspiration!


Enliven your choir now

Hello to all you wonderful earth angels spreading the joy of singing. This treasure house of songs evolved within my own choir, and I hope you experience as much joy singing them as we have over the years.

  • A large variety of a Cappella Rounds, Harmony and Call and Response songs that are a joy to sing and quick and easy to teach, giving your repertoire an instant boost.
  • All songs are designed to inspire and, through the power of neuroplasticity, rewire the brain with a positive mindset.
  • My weak point was hearing harmonies and an adverse reaction to reading sheet music! So, I created individual audios to quickly learn each song part without the need for sheet music.
  • Fun warm-ups with activities to get your choir connected, relaxed and in a playful heart-space to give your choir rehearsals that WOW factor.
  • Share my simple somatic approach to improve the vocal technique of your choir. This keeps your rehearsals inspiring, educational and fun.

Listen here for some more inspiration!


Kickstart a community choir

Are you yearning to run your own singing group but lack confidence and don’t know where to start?  I am here to help you run amazing singing groups, boost your singing skills and make a profit from the get-go.

  • Learn how to teach melodies, harmonies, rounds and improvise like a pro.
  • Prosper from a tried and tested class plan to ensure success, variety and fun leading your own singing groups.
  • Upskill with the 8 Somatic Vocal Tips and Techniques to connect to your power voice and become an embodied singer.
  • Employ our 6 Simple Steps to Build Singing and Harmony Skills to train your ear to hear harmonies to give you the confidence to stand tall and teach.
  • Learn harmony parts quickly and easily with the individual audios No music reading skills are required, and you can have the audios on your phone in class if you can’t recall the part!!  I have done that a few times (LOL)
  • Singing life-affirming lyrics has an incredible effect on the brain, rewiring you for success and improving your overall health and well-being.
  • You have everything you need at your fingertips to keep your classes uplifting and exciting so your singers are always coming back for more.