Liberate your voice, boost harmony skills and remap a positive mindset

Liberate your voice, boost harmony skills and remap a positive mindset


Voice training in the comfort of your home


Sing Better

  • Catchy warm up songs – NO BORING SCALES
  • Somatic vocal tips and techniques to coach the voice
  • Fun acapella songs to improve pitch and sing in tune
  • Digital Songbooks with easy and fun activities

Harmony Singing

  • Harmonise like a pro with our 6 Simple Steps
  • Beautiful harmony songs to sing along with
  • Individual audios for each harmony part to become a pro harmony singer
  • Acapella and guitar songs to practice improvisation, timing and rhythm


  • Song lyrics to motivate, inspire and rewire a positive mindset
  • Heal performance anxiety / stage fright by clearning limiting beliefs
  • 30+ years experience healing voice problems
  • Become an embodied, charismatic and confident singer

Zero Music Reading Skills Needed!

Learn how easy it is to Supercharge your Singing and Harmony Skills

Boost Harmonies!

Online Lessons!


I recently finished the Tips and Techniques E-book and I am blown away. I use it most days just to exercise my voice and I always feel more uplifted, calm and vocally alive.  It is so straight forward.  Thank you so much, It’s a masterpiece!!!

Lilli Bailey, Student Actor, Melbourne

Effective immediately upon starting tuition,  my son returned ‘bounding’ through our door uncharacteristically JOYOUS. It was a thrill to see him so happy. Julia is an amazing lady on many levels but what she brought to my sons life is priceless. Well beyond singing tuition!

Lynne Arnold, Disability Support, Bilambil Heights, Gold Coast

Your singing classes were the foundation to grow my daughters confidence and skills. She has blossomed since we started her and often sings with me at home while I play guitar.  Thank you for all you hard work in the community.

Grant Ible, Father, Ocean Shores

Thank you for inspiring my daughter Mariana to have the confidence to perform with such confidence and grace. I was so proud of her.  Thank you once again Julia!

Sophie Christou, Mother and Business Owner, Byron Bay

The light is shining brighter in our daughter Jaz every day and I have you to thank for all your love and guidance.  I am so appreciative of your work.

Tara, Mother, Ocean Shores