For singers and non-singers alike, from CEO’s, artists to families this powerful way of healing helps you discover those aspects of yourself you have rejected, forgotten or just ignored!  


Speak with confidence and charisma, sing fearlessly without self-judgment, and express yourself authentically in all relationships. Use your voice as the instrument for personal transformation.

We are a product of our beliefs

We all operate from subconscious patterning, old behaviours and negative beliefs passed on to us by family, peers, the media, society, cultures and religions, and also situations that we may not comprehend at the time, and through fear, we hold onto them. It is easy to compromise and lose yourself by not having a voice and believing you don’t have the power to change things which affects your physical and mental health and the way you manifest in the world. 

If you are ready for TRANSFORMATION you have to clear sabotage programs held in the subconscious. Past Age Clearing and Healing (PACH) merged with Singing activates the power of neuroplasticity, vibrational frequency and the heart /God connection to heal deeply and create permanent positive change.  

EMBODY the sacredness of your VOICE to consciously create your ideal life and align with your higher purpose.

What’s in a Session

  • PAST AGE CLEARING AND HEALING (PACH) is a gentle, nurturing, yet powerful process to clear energy blocks, limiting beliefs, negative behavioural patterns, unresolved issues and trauma.  This process helps you to move through stuck emotional states and layers of conditioning to help you balance your energy and feel confident to express yourself freely and live more authentically.
  • SOMATIC SINGING LESSON teaches you our 8 easy vocal tips and techniques to connect you to your power voice, build good singing habits, expand your vocal range and enrich the quality of your tone.  We tailor the lesson as everyone is unique and needs a personalised approach.

This work is powerful, deeply healing and transformative. I hold a high level space to either move you through times of upheaval and challenge or raise you to your next level.


Energy exchange $180

  • 1x 90min VOICE JOURNEY sessions held in-person on the Sunshine Coast Qld.
  • We start with a PACH session to clear blocks and emotional wounds with the voice. Then journey into a somatic singing lesson to integrate the new energies and consolidate the new belief systems.
  • Unapologetically and confidently find your voice and connect to the REAL you to start living authentically with passion and purpose.

Please avoid caffeine and sugar before a session.


Energy exchange $120

  • 1x 60min PACH SESSION can be held in-person or via phone or zoom. 
  • No singing is involved.  Using the Past Age Clearing and Healing process we delve into issues that  are presenting in the body and psyche to release and heal.
  • Ideal for those of you who struggle to speak up and set healthy boundaries and ask for what you want.

Please avoid caffeine and sugar before a session


Energy exchange $120

  • 1x 60min SINGING LESSON held in person on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.
  • No PACH is involved
  • Learn our somatic singing approach to find your powerful voice and build the necessary skills to become a confident and charismatic singer.
  • Learn about vocal health and how to look after your voice.
  • Get easy strategies on how to keep expanding your vocal range and improving your vocal power.
  • Includes audios and resources to use at home or in the car

Meet Julia

Hello Beautiful Soul. My personal journey with the PACH process and singing, amongst other critical healing aspects like nutrition, movement and bodywork, has been profound. If you struggle with speaking your truth, doing too much for others, putting yourself last, and not having enough joy in your life, this approach is potent. If you desire to sing but battle with the inner critic, you are blocking your ability to create effortless joy, a robust immune system and a healthy mindset.

This work goes to the heart of change for you to joyfully build skills to become the dominant creative force in your life, find your powerful voice and transform your world.

To learn more about my journey click here.

To chat about how this work can help you please send me an email and I will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours to make a time to connect. I look forward to hearing your story.

Holistic vocal coach Julia Williamson Healer Singer Songwriter Performer