For singers and non-singers alike, from CEO’s, artists to families this powerful way of healing helps you discover those aspects of yourself you have rejected, forgotten or just ignored!  


Speak with confidence and charisma, sing fearlessly without self-judgment, and express yourself authentically in all relationships. Use your voice as the instrument for personal transformation.


We all operate from subconscious patterning, old behaviours and negative beliefs passed on to us by family, peers, the media, societ, cultures and religions, and also situations that we may not comprehend at the time, and through fear, we hold onto them.  It is easy to compromise and lose yourself by not having a voice and believing you don’t have the power to change things which affects your physical, mental and emotional health and what you manifest in the world.

What’s in a Session


PACH is a powerful tool to allow you to release blocked energy from the past, balance energy in the present, and clear fears and anxieties projected into the future.  Throughout life we accept negative beliefs, and through fear we hold onto them.

This creates emotional and behavioural patterns, which eventually become energy blocks, often experienced at a

Physical Level – as pain or disease
Mental Level – as a belief, such as “Life is a Struggle”
Emotional Level – as an overpowering feeling such as “fear, anger or sadness”
Spiritual Level – a sense of being lost or not belonging and disconnected from “who you are”.

This simple and powerful tool can be used to clear and release energy blocks, often manifesting as;

  • Feelings of not being good enough
  • Beliefs that we are unlovable
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Physical pain
  • Addictions
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Feelings of being “stuck”
  • Lack of connection to Spirit
  • Communication and relationship problems
  • Learning and memory problems

Clearing energy blocks  “moves”  you through stuck states, facilitates personal growth and awareness, and allows you to achieve true peace and joy and ultimately express your highest potential.


SINGING is a major part of the healing journey and helps to consolidate new thought patterns to create new default pathways for the brain to naturally be optimistic and happy.  Singing helps to release emotional baggage, relaxes the nervous system and so much more, BUT ULTIMATELY it makes you happy and these feel-good chemicals are what is needed to consolidate new-neuronal growth quickly and easily for enduring transformation.

This work is powerful, deeply healing and transformative. I hold a high level space to either move you through times of upheaval and challenge or raise you to your next level.

Meet Julia

Hello Beautiful Soul. My personal journey with the PACH process and singing, alongside pivotal healing elements like nutrition, movement, and bodywork, has been deeply transformative. If you find yourself struggling to speak your truth, constantly prioritising others over yourself, and lacking joy in your life, this approach holds potent possibilities. For those yearning to sing but battling their inner critic, understand that this struggle impedes the creation of effortless joy, a resilient immune system, and a healthy mindset.

Having navigated personal turmoil, including the impact of abuse, I developed a simple yet profound healing approach that has transformed my life and the lives of countless happy clients.

As the driving force behind Sing to Thrive, my mission is to guide individuals through personal challenges, focusing on positive and enduring transformations. My unique methodology aims to unlock the full potential of the human voice, fostering holistic well-being across emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual realms.

If you’re ready to joyfully build skills, become the dominant creative force in your life, find your powerful voice, and transform your world, I invite you to explore the possibilities with Sing to Thrive. To learn more about my personal journey and the transformative power of this approach, click here.

Holistic vocal coach Julia Williamson Healer Singer Songwriter Performer