Welcome to a space where the unseen becomes clear and your personal path becomes inspired. Julia specializes in uncovering hidden emotional triggers, core belief systems and sabotage patterns, empowering you to harness your voice and your authenticity for deep personal healing and growth.

Central to her mentoring is the understanding that we are the creators of our reality and that our belief systems affect our vibration and shape our lives, and healing the voice is an integral part of the transformational process.

For singers and non-singers alike, from CEO’s, artists to families this powerful way of healing helps you discover those aspects of yourself you have rejected, forgotten or just ignored!  


"I came to Julia for some past age clearing, not knowing what to expect. In my first session I was taken to a place I hadn’t been able to access by myself, with all the workshops etc. that I had done. It was really deep, but essential for me to go there so I could heal and move on from childhood trauma. I felt safe, nurtured and allowed, in that space, to open up without judgment. And the singing is just pure joy and so uplifting. I value Julia's work and recommend it to those wanting to feel freedom."
Natalie Dugan
Entrepreneur Business Owner
"My ten year old daughter has struggled with low self-esteem for as long as I can recall. After one PACH session with Julia she was brighter, more positive and genuinely happier in her own skin. The best part was three days later when she said “I’m starting to love myself more after talking with Julia”. Highly recommend Julia to work with any age group, especially children where she has a natural and intuitive approach."
Mother and Carer
"WOW! I still cannot find the words (very unusual for me 😊) to describe and thank you for yesterday. It was an experience unlike any I have ever had … I went to bed at 7.15 last night and slept like a log!! and today I feel like I’m still processing so much – and I know I will be for weeks to come. I am very grateful to you for sharing your home and your years of training, learning and experience to provide me with the healing and guidance that I crave.
Sue Croser
Horse Trainer & Retired Aviation Pilot


We all operate from subconscious patterning, old behaviours and negative beliefs passed on to us by family, peers, the media, society, cultures and religions, and also situations that we may not comprehend at the time, and through fear, we hold onto them.  It is easy to compromise and lose yourself by not having a voice and believing you don’t have the power to change things which affects your physical, mental and emotional health and what you manifest in the world.

What’s in a Session


Past Age Clearing and Healing (PACH), channelled in 1995 by Earth Whisperer Maggie Landman, offers a profound method for addressing the enduring impact of past traumas on our present and future. By recognising that trauma remains lodged within the body, affecting our well-being and shaping our belief systems, directly affecting our future, PACH provides a transformative pathway to release blocked energy from the past, balance energy in the present, and clear fears and anxieties projected into the future.

By accessing cellular memories spanning generations, PACH operates by finding the dimension where this energy was initially trapped (root cause), facilitating its release and thereby enabling individuals to transcend the grip of past traumas. This process releases negative belief systems attached to that event, offering a pathway to profound healing and liberation from the constraints of repetitive behaviours and adverse life patterns.

The PACH method offers a beacon of hope, a promise of relief and liberation from the burdens of the past. 

Throughout life we accept negative beliefs, and through fear we hold onto them. This creates emotional and behavioural patterns, which eventually become energy blocks, often experienced at a

Physical Level – as pain or disease
Mental Level – as a belief, such as “Life is a Struggle”
Emotional Level – as an overpowering feeling such as “fear, anger or sadness”
Spiritual Level – a sense of being lost or not belonging and disconnected from “who you are”.

This simple and powerful tool can be used to clear and release energy blocks, often manifesting as;

  • Feelings of not being good enough
  • Beliefs that we are unlovable
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Physical pain
  • Addictions
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Feelings of being “stuck”
  • Lack of connection to Spirit
  • Communication and relationship problems
  • Learning and memory problems

Clearing energy blocks  “moves”  you through stuck states, facilitates personal growth and awareness, and allows you to achieve true peace and joy and ultimately express your highest potential



The science behind singing and sound is recognised for its profound impact on healing, providing tangible benefits backed by research. You receive personalised programs to work with to consolidate transformation. Here are just some of the benefits:

Neurotransmitter Stimulation: Singing automatically triggers the production of neuro-chemicals that speed up and consolidate brain map changes.
Vagus Nerve Therapy: Singing massages the vagus nerve, activating the parasympathetic nervous system to induce calm and shut down fight-or-flight.
Improved Oxygenation: Deep breathing during singing increases oxygen flow to the brain, boosting cognitive function, alertness, and energy levels.
Cognitive Enhancement: Singing enhances learning, language, focus, and memory, and regulates sleep-wake cycles and the autonomic nervous system.
Mood Elevation: Singing triggers the release of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, elevating mood and reducing stress and anxiety.
Suppresses Fear: Singing suppresses amygdala activity, reducing fear and promoting motivation and inspiration towards personal growth.
Cellular Wellness: Singing positive words, boosts cellular voltage and signalling pathways, promoting wellness chemicals in the body.
Mind-Body Connection: Our thoughts influence biology and DNA expression, rewiring the brain for positive change and impacting health on a cellular level.
Impact of Thoughts on Water: Human thoughts affect water molecules, influencing health due to our body’s high water content.
Harmonise Brain Waves: Positive lyrics and uplifting music reduce stress, induce relaxation, and facilitate healing by harmonizing brainwave patterns.
Collective Consciousness: Singing fosters heart-brain coherence, aligning emotions and thoughts to positively influence the global information field and create a more coherent environment.

“This work is powerful, deeply healing and transformative. I hold a high-level space to either move you through times of upheaval and challenge, or raise you to your next level.”


How often do we meet?

Sometimes a single session, business or life coaching session will be enough for you to clarify your direction or get clear about your values, but generally Julia meets with her clients on a fortnightly basis for the first couple of months. Many of Julia’s clients continue with a regular appointment after this but she’ll work with you to determine your specific needs and work out a program that suits your time and budget requirements. All sessions are done via video call or phone.

Personal Healing and Life Coaching Fees:

60-minute session: $250

3 x 60-minute sessions: $700 (including an option to pay in instalments)

5 x 60-minute sessions: $1,110 (including an option to pay in instalments)

“Together, we will shift your focus from past narratives to a radiant future, illuminating a path filled with inspiration. This journey marks a powerful transition from being the victim of your reality to the conscious co-creator or your best life.”

Meet Julia

Hello Beautiful Soul. My personal journey with the PACH process and singing, alongside pivotal healing elements like nutrition, movement, and bodywork, has been deeply transformative. If you find yourself struggling to speak your truth, constantly prioritising others over yourself, and lacking joy in your life, this approach holds potent possibilities. For those yearning to sing but battling their inner critic, understand that this struggle impedes the creation of effortless joy, a resilient immune system, and a healthy mindset.

Having navigated personal turmoil, including the impact of abuse, I developed a simple yet profound healing approach that has transformed my life and the lives of countless happy clients.

As the driving force behind Sing to Thrive, my mission is to guide individuals through personal challenges, focusing on positive and enduring transformations. My unique methodology aims to unlock the full potential of the human voice, fostering holistic well-being across emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual realms.

If you’re ready to joyfully build skills, become the dominant creative force in your life, find your powerful voice, and transform your world, I invite you to explore the possibilities with Sing to Thrive. To learn more about my personal journey and the transformative power of this approach, click here.

Holistic vocal coach Julia Williamson Healer Singer Songwriter Performer

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