Personal coaching sessions take you on a journey to discover those aspects that you have rejected, forgotten or just ignored!  When you heal your voice you can heal your life.  Imagine living so confidently that you speak freely, sing fearlessly and trust your intuition to guide you as you take inspired action towards manifesting a life you absoluteLy LOVE.

Bring More Joy Into Shadow Work

I discovered this profound yet simple process in 1999.  It works deeply on the subconscious and helps to transform emotional triggers, old patterns, unhealthy relationships, depression, fear, anxiety, anger, abuse, resentment, phobias, allergies, pain, addictions, not speaking up, staying small, lack of money, unhealthy food habits…..literally anything, and I am not exaggerating.  If you are emotionally reacting to things or noticing unhealthy patterns in your life, you have something unresolved within you that is blocking your ability to create a life you love….period!

Distorted communication is the root cause of most struggles.

On a soul level, you have had many incarnations.  We carry with us the wisdom of all our experiences that make us who we are today. We also drag along the baggage of limiting beliefs that sabotage our efforts to create abundance and synchronistic flow. These play out repeatedly until the wisdom is garnered and the issue is released.

This very specialised work with the voice is easy and joyful. Let’s see what we can unravel together to clear blocks and give you transformational resources to help yourself and others to become more self-aware, embodied and empowered to use the voice as an instrument for personal growth, clear communication and conscious creation.  Ultimately you will build an internal sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-mastery to create an inspired, joyful life!

Get in touch so we can arrange your online session and work together towards healing your voice to ultimately heal your life.  Schedule a 15 min Free clarity call now!

One x 1.5-hour online session | $295

Three x 1.5-hour online sessions | $795

Unique and Fun Voice Lessons

Individual singing lessons are a powerful way to find the key to unlocking your voice and your mindset.

Did you lock your voice up somewhere along the way (maybe you were told you couldn’t sing, or to quieten down or that you sounded bad!).  Or maybe you love singing and would like more confidence, power, beauty, versatility and range to your voice?

Maddy is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and has been a regular performing artist in the Byron Shire.  In 2013 she started as a vocal coach, ukulele teacher and beginner guitar teacher for VoiceJam Singing and Healing School, which evolved into the current day Sing to Thrive.  Maddy played a major role in vocal arrangements on the 7 professional album series, specifically designed for singing lessons, choirs and teachers. In addition, Maddy created and sang all the harmonies and solo’s in the vast Sing to Thrive music library.

All singing lessons include free mp3 downloads with catchy songs infused with the essence of nature and life-affirming lyrics to rewire a positive mindset for you to continue your singing practice at home. No boring scales…YAY!

Get in touch with Maddy to discuss how we can help you to feel free and confident when singing and performing.

One x 1hour online or in-person singing lesson | $75 (disc avail for term bookings)

One x 1hour online or in-person singing lesson | $50 (student concession)


My ability to sing in front of others has dramatically improved. I have been able to jam with friends and that means a lot to me. People have been impressed with my voice and I have been invited to sing with other musicians. Thank you so much x

Daniella Larobina, Byron Bay, Australia

I really like the dynamic nature of the sound and music, and your voice is very soothing. I had a beautiful meditation/visualisation, and stood up to move for the final song…….very powerful.

Helene Collard, Trauma-informed Facilitator, Professional Reiki Teacher & Practitioner

I really enjoyed the journey to mother nature. The wording is intelligent, motivating, inspiring, thoughtful. The vocals are delightful. It’s a brilliant collection of songs and feelings. Really beautiful.

Benjamin Honey, Student Engineer, Age 24

Wow, that was really fantastic…..and I’m not the easiest audience!   I loved it..I can’t wait to hear some more.

Natalie Dugan, Business Owner, Mullumbimby, Australia

Love it…..The journey to Mother Nature is very soothing, grounding and joyful in harmonic bliss.  Thank you for the gift of life we bring to each other and mother nature.

Jingki Ngombal aka Kerrianne Cox Singer/Song-writer

The light is shining brighter in our daughter Jaz every day and I have you to thank for all your love and guidance.  I am so appreciative of your work.

Tara, Mother, Ocean Shores

Thank you for inspiring my daughter Mariana to have the confidence to perform with such confidence and grace. I was so proud of her.  Thank you once again Julia!

Sophie Christou, Mother and Business Owner, Byron Bay

Your singing classes were the foundation to grow my daughters confidence and skills. She has blossomed since we started her and often sings with me at home while I play guitar.  Thank you for all you hard work in the community.

Grant Ible, Father, Ocean Shores

Effective immediately upon starting tuition,  my son returned ‘bounding’ through our door uncharacteristically JOYOUS. It was a thrill to see him so happy. Julia is an amazing lady on many levels but what she brought to my sons life is priceless. Well beyond singing tuition!

Lynne Arnold, Disability Support, Bilambil Heights, Gold Coast

I recently finished the Tips and Techniques E-book and I am blown away. I use it most days just to exercise my voice and I always feel more uplifted, calm and vocally alive.  It is so straight forward.  Thank you so much, It’s a masterpiece!!!

Lilli Bailey, Student Actor, Melbourne