Unlock the true power of your voice. Break free from judgment, limiting beliefs, and past traumas to enhance tone, pitch, color, and vocal strength. Gain confidence in public speaking, authenticity in relationships, boundary-setting skills, improved mindset, anxiety relief, and a strong sense of self. Embrace the ability to create a life you love and experience heightened states of joy.


Julia Williamson

Singing is in their blood, and their expertise is everything voice.  Julia and Maddy offer coaching and healing sessions to empower individuals to use their voice as an instrument for personal growth and transformation, fostering joy and thriving health.

With an extensive background in Past Age Clearing and Healing and Somatic Voice Healing, their work extends beyond traditional coaching,  creating a space for you to connect deeply with your soul’s truth and make positive shifts in your life to become the fully expressed, confident person you were born to be.

Julia I am in awe of how tuned in, turned on and tapped in you truly are. Knowing what I am here at this time to heal is so incredibly helpful. Also the confidence I am gaining has certainly been partly due to your amazing abilities in guiding me towards the energies and knowing and trusting myself. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!!!