A Transformative Gift to instantly turn stress and anxiety into vitality, joy and happiness

A Transformative Gift to instantly turn stress and anxiety into vitality, joy and happiness

Dear Light Workers, Carers, Healers, Therapists, Voice Teachers

Healing from anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, mental health conditions, and chronic health issues can be a complex and confusing process that involves lots of trial and error.

Our past conditioning and limiting beliefs fundamentally rule our life, hold us back and keep us small.  Singing triggers feel-good neurochemicals and suppresses the activity of the amygdala that controls fear and anxiety.  It is a powerful way to create new brain maps to replace old patterns and behaviours that benefit both the facilitator and patient from the ripple effects of singing.

When we heal our voice, we heal our body, and we heal our life. Ultimately we gain full self-expression, wellbeing, peace of mind, inner freedom and connection to our purpose and innate power to manifest more of what we want in our lives.

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Leading Edge Quantum Science Research

“Advanced studies in Quantum Physics have proven that all thoughts, positive or negative, shape our biology and that we attract what we focus our attention on.”

People put under a scanner either thinking about singing or singing itself saw large areas of the brain lighting up and firing new synapses in both left and right hemispheres as well as activating the body’s reward network, producing feel-good chemicals for the brain.” 2

The Sing to Thrive music and healing audios combine singing with positive life-affirming statements to rewire the subconscious mind and nourish the bodies eco-system, improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

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Music and activations to develop your voice, build an expansive imagination and boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Fine-tune your clarity, focus and manifesting power.

Music Therapy

Discover the power of music to overcome life's challenges and begin living a life you love and deserve. Cultivate resilience, peace of mind, playfulness, connection and happiness.


Singing triggers feel-good neurotransmitters that consolidate permanent brain map changes in as little as 21days. Fast track your ability to achieve success and live your dreams.


Singing fortifies your defence system, fires up digestion, pumps up vitality, boosts detoxification, improves memory, fuels fitness, is anti-aging and infuses you with joy...PLUS it is FUN!

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Quantum Science Undoubtedly Shows What We Think, Feel and Believe has a Profound Effect On Our Reality

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To successfully start manifesting more of what you want and create positive change in your life, it is paramount to heal limiting beliefs and past conditioning from your conscious and subconscious that sabotage your efforts.  We offer you an easy and joyful way to efficiently create new neural pathways in the brain, activate HEART BRAIN COHERENCE and tap into your innate potential.

References: 1. Works from Dr Masaru Emoto, Bruce Lipton PhD, Dr Joe Dispenza.  2. Prof Sarah Wilson, Psychological Sciences University of Melbourne