Sing to Thrive

A Joyful Path To Healing!

“Join us on a transformative journey to reclaim joy, ignite passion and purpose, and unleash your voice. Break free from limitations, paving the way for deep healing and renewal. Your success and happiness hinges on the power of your voice—it’s where true transformation begins.”

Did you know you are a product of your beliefs and function from 95% of subconscious patterning? 


Break free from sub-conscious patterning and limitation as you find your voice to confidently speak your truth, set healthy boundaries and sing with joy and authenticity—unveiling a path to self-expression, happiness and empowerment.


The Sing to Thrive Method provides a comprehensive brain workout, enhancing ALL cognitive functions, fostering emotional resilience, and promoting a positive growth mindset improving mental health and overall wellbeing.


Singing relieves stress, enhances immune function, aids digestion, improves circulation, calms the nervous system, enhances sleep, promotes fitness, aids detoxification, is anti-ageing, boosts energy and brings joy. Let’s do it!


We fuse the science of quantum physics with the transformative power of singing. Through intentional lyrics and focused attention, we guide you to manifest your desires. Cultivate self-confidence and mastery to shape your ideal life with us.

Your VOICE has the Power to Change your DNA

“Julia is a powerhouse of heart, voice and healing. A transformative gift for anyone wishing to connect more powerfully with your inner self whilst you sing your heart out in a grounded and very supportive environment! Highly recommend!”
Michela D’Addario
CEO Creative Evolution Consultancies, Spiritual Strategist for Business Leaders
"What an absolutely fabulous program! Julia has such a beautiful energy and is very supportive, bringing out the best in everyone. Love love love the conscious music and vibe, Julia is so encouraging, open and kind and I'm so pleased I found her and this excellent singing program.”
Gina McClintock
Yoga Teacher
"What a powerful and efficient resource for achieving a positive mindset and opening pathways of self-expression. Mindfulness, self compassion and the benefits of joyful singing masterfully woven together. Brilliant!"
free the voice coaching at its best - testimonial - carmel moore
Carmel Moore
Founder of Voicemoves Yoga, Speech Pathologist, Voice Dialogue Counsellor and Singer
"When we truly recognise that our beliefs are that powerful - we hold the key to freedom."
bruce lipton honeymoon effect retreat singing positive words changes belief systems
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D
Stem Cell Biologist, Best Selling Author
"Julia is someone who persisted and became a weekly guiding light for 18+ years running singing circles. Her work is underpinned by a strong connection to truth and spirit which shines out of her songs."
Richard Lawton
Master Voice Coach and Author: Raise Your Voice
"I really like the dynamic nature of the sound and music, and the sound of your voice is soothing. From my trauma-informed perspective, I feel you have covered it well, including the effects of singing and meditation on the brain and body. really lovely."
Helene Collard
Trauma-Informed Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher
"Loved the colour sound healing video. The sound and quality of the video are fantastic. The beautiful kaleidoscope effect is quite mesmerising and very relaxing. I can see and hear how it would help with insomnia."
Vivienne Saville
Holistic Naturopath



Via our online membership portal you have access to leading edge music, mantras, meditations, chromotherapy and vibrational healings to train the voice and the brain, healing body, mind and soul.


Supercharge your personal and professional life with our unique mentor programs to free the shackles and build self-confidence, self-worth and self-mastery to create lasting and fulfilling success.


Fun and dynamic our singing circles and voice workshops connect you with community to embody the sacredness of voice to deeply heal, connect and start ‘consciously’ creating your best life. 

Stress Relief and Flow State Activation (444Hz Healing)

Experience one of our open-eye singing meditations.

"The minute I heard BREATHE by Julia I was brought back to myself and reminded that the stillness we seek is within us.  The left and right hemispheres of my brain harmonised and I felt I was in the arms of peace. This is such a powerful way to calm ourselves and breathe ourselves into stillness. Thank you Julia for this blessing."
Maggie Landman
Earth Whisperer
"This Breathe Singing Meditation is exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful. Deep. Centering me instantly. Timeless and starting my days now. Thank you so much Julia & Caleb! Cheers from Germany,."
Tolena Richter
"Julia is the midwife of melody, a gifted teacher and a truly pleasant and loving soul. Her style of teaching is intuitive and her knowledge is vast and delivered with grace. Thank you Julia"
Matt Craven
Film Maker / Videographer
"I want to thank you so much for your commitment to the power of the voice. The time I have spent with you in your singing circles has been life changing and I enjoy every minute of it. I have found my voice with your guidance. 🙏🙏"
Lee Bielecki
Recruitment Account Manager

Did you know when you are inspired the brain cannot trigger fear!


free download song to rewire a positive mindset and improve singing and harmony skills
Wow, the meditation was a beautiful follow on from my breath work practice. I felt the LOVE pour into my heart from Mother Earth and started crying. Such a safe way for people to release emotions. Very expansive and profound.
testimonial for colour and sound video series
Miranda Short
Breath Work Facilitator
“Singing is an escape, time i can take to centre myself. It’s a form of self care, and benefits my mental health massively. The flexibility of my online singing lessons is magic and fits perfectly in my hectic life.”
Iris Irwin-Rheuben
HIgh School Student
"Not only has my voice improved and I have no fear attached to singing in front of others now, but my spiritual awareness has been uplifted. It’s my weekly highlight. So grateful"
Margot Goslett

Leading Edge Quantum Science Research

Powerful music therapy to FREE YOUR VOICE and ‘Rewire the Brain’ to empower, transform and thrive!

Check out The Science to learn more…

"I highly recommend Julia’s workshop! Working in sound myself, I know the power of voice, vibrations and resonance. Even with such knowledge and beautiful offerings, I was never brave enough to put my name or myself forward until I confronted and released deeply buried past age trauma. Julia’s ability to hold space for each and every person is a beautiful art to behold and I have now cleared the blockages holding me back and stepped into my light."
Caira Lavelle-Clack
Sound Therapist
“Wow! I truly admire your response time! I came across your beautiful work from Bruce Lipton. Finding you has been a true compliment for our family. My 10 year old son has an autism diagnosis, and singing has really helped his voice inflection, confidence and nervous system. Your work inspires me as well.  I can "hear" your passion through your voice, messages, and songs. Thanks Again!”
Susan Peskoff
Mother and Carer
"Today was incredible….. I can’t find the words to describe how it felt to be part of a group of strangers and yet so connected in spirit and relying upon each other to create the amazing sounds which transported me (and us all) to a different place, a different mind set and somewhere that love and peace and hope existed. It truly was a magical experience today and thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly and encouraging me to sing like I didn’t think possible!"
Sue Croser
Horse Trainer & Breeder, Retired Helicopter Pilot & Aviation Crew Tutor
"Thank you for your guidance as my energy healer. I am in awe of how tuned in, turned on and tapped in you truly are. Knowing what I am here at this time to heal is so incredibly helpful. Also the confidence I am gaining has certainly been partly due to your amazing abilities in guiding me towards the energies and knowing and trusting myself. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!!! Yours in Gratitude"
Chrissy Luck
Mother and Disability Carer
"My ten year old daughter has struggled with low self-esteem for as long as I can recall. After one PACH session with Julia she was brighter, more positive and genuinely happier in her own skin. The best part was three days later when she said “I’m starting to love myself more after talking with Julia”. Highly recommend Julia to work with any age group, especially children where she has a natural and intuitive approach. ”
Mother and Carer
"This is wonderful ❤ really enjoyed it and felt tingles up my spine while meditating ❤ thank you for such an easy to use resource for balance, healing and joy."
Anateylah Harari
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Educator