Sing yourself to freedom

Leading edge conscious music to free the voice, fine-tune manifesting and master the art of joyful living

Here at Sing to Thrive we provide high-quality conscious music and healing activations for all ages to use your voice as an instrument for personal transformation and conscious manifestation to joyfully live your best life.
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The acapella stacked harmonies coach your ear to hear harmonies and improve singing and musicality. Catchy lyrics, short verses, mantras and affirmations that are easy to remember and sing along with.
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Science has proven that singing triggers feel-good brain chemicals, strengthens the immune system, relieves stress and helps learning, language, memory and focus. The positive lyrics rewire the brain to think better, feel better and live better.
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Listen here to be inspired!


  • Exclusive access to Sing to Thrive’s conscious music library online 24/7  for car trips and around the home (not found on Spotify).
  • All songs designed to coach the ear to hear harmonies and develop musicality.
  • All music is downloadable for off-line listening.
  • Song Lyrics provided online including a downloadable songbook.
  • Includes Healing Activation – Journey to Self-love.
  • Includes a Colour and Sound therapy for the current months astrological star sign.
  • Access on all of your favourite devices.
  • FB and IG community for inspiration to enhance well-being, better communication, destress, calm anxiety, break bad habits, build strong bonds and become a powerhouse singer and manifester.
  • Join the growing movement to use your voice as an instrument for personal transformation, global peace and harmony to THRIVE!
  • Online courses – Unique and easy somatic singing and harmony lessons to train your voice to become a more confident singer
  • Leading edge healing activations with meditations and interactive singing to free your authentic voice, heal limiting core beliefs and empower you to create positive change
  • Powerful Chromotherapy (colour therapy) with Vibrational Sound Toning to heal physical ailments, soothe a busy mind and raise your vibration to feel amazing
  • Online Healing Course: 7 Step Reset to ignite your creativity, transform limiting beliefs, boost songwriting skills, deepen your intuition and step into your authentic power
  • Monthly Healing Mantras to boost neuroplastic changes relevant to healing core beliefs, ascension and manifesting
  • Ongoing healing activities added over time to ignite Sovereignty
  • Access on any of your favourite devices
  • Includes Club Radio Membership and FB Community
  • Total current value $370


We are a mother daughter team with 25+ years of healing and 50+ years of singing experience.  Our focus is on helping talented people who have played small to find their voice, fulfil their potential and master the Self.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and what you think and speak influences your vibration and how you broadcast yourself to the world. 

Finding your voice is FREEDOM and Singing is a potent therapy.  Life-affirming songs harness the power of music, neuroplasticity and the heart frequency to activate the body’s innate healing mechanism to build a robust immune system, rewire the brain with a positive mindset and fine-tune your ability to consciously create your best life because what you focus on EXPANDS, and YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY.


Your State of Mind is ‘KEY’ to Your Success, Health and Happiness

Wake Up – Original Song and Video produced by Julia Williamson

Leading Edge Quantum Science Research

Catchy songs with positive affirmations to FREE YOUR VOICE and ‘Rewire the Brain’ to inspire, heal and transform!

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