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$ 65 For 3 Months
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$ 199 For 1 Year
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  • CLUB RADIO gives you exclusive access to Sing to Thrives inspirational music, including a downloadable songbook.  All song lyrics are designed to promote a positive growth mindset, reprogram limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind and develop a natural musicality and coach the ear to hear harmonies.
  • COLOUR AND SOUND HEALING SERIES is having phenomenal results on the health of peoples blood, along with unearthing limiting beliefs that cause physical ailments and emotional distress. An ideal therapy to calm a busy mind, deepen your meditation practice, revitalise your energy levels, clear brain fog, boost focus, activate the 3rd eye, enhance vivid dreaming and get you feeling AMAZING.
  • JOURNEY INTO HEALING SERIES are designed to heal the top 5 core issues everyone struggles with.  The guided journey meditations with interactive singing switch off fight or flight so the body can get on with healing.  The expertly curated questions trigger wounds to the surface for healing. The singing opens the heart and helps you release pent up emotions. The positive affirmations reprogram the subconscious mind with new positive thought patterns that affects your entire biology and replaces limiting beliefs. Train the brain with a positive growth mindset, get clarity on your passion and purpose, fine-tune your ability to consciously create what you want and free your voice to sing and speak with confidence and charisma.
  • SINGING PROGRAMS – Unique and easy somatic singing and harmony lessons to become a powerful and confident singer. Each song has been methodically recorded with layered harmonies to develop musicality and coach the ear to hear harmonies.  Through the power of neuroplasticity the life-affirming lyrics are reprogramming your subconscious brain with a positive growth mindset while helping you to sing and harmonise better!
  • 7 STEP RESET VOICE HEALING PROGRAM is a deep dive into the subconscious for those of you ready for TRANSFORMATION!  Heal limiting beliefs holding you back, ignite your creativity, deepen self-awareness, grow songwriting skills, sharpen intuition, master the art and focus of conscious creation and ultimately free your voice to live powerfully and authentically.
  • Ongoing harmony lessons and voice healing programs will be added over time to expand your voice healing journey.
  • FB and IG community for inspiration and support.


Sing better, build confidence and supercharge your manifesting to feel powerful and THRIVE!

Music Therapy

Heal anxiety and depression to cultivate resilience, peace of mind, playfulness and connection!


Singing triggers feel-good chemicals that consolidate permanent brain map changes!


Singing strengthens the immune system, fires up digestion, detoxes the body and is anti-ageing,YES!