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I want to help you become so good at making your happiness and health a priority.

Ultimately, you will become the master of your domain and prosperity, joy, and thriving health will be your constant companions.

To your strong and powerful voice.

Let’s do this



ps: The 7 DAY REST has been renamed to  7 STEP RESET to remove the idea that you need to get it done in 7 days.  Take as long as you need!

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  1. Miranda Short

    Hi Julia, I finished Day 2 I really much lighter and my headache went away, my vibration lifted. I was again confused by two questions on the quiz which I got wrong Hmmm. I did feel a drop in my energy level when I got a red FAILED at the end. I found the mantra much easier to work with today.

  2. Miranda Short

    Hi Julia, I loved Day 3 I felt I got a lot out of your words and the journalling. I absolutely loved your Mantra Song – I shall be singing it to myself a lot. Thank you

  3. manageadmin

    Hello Miranda, Thank you so much for your feedback on Day 2. You are definitely not or never will be a failure and I apologise for my mistakes in the quiz. They have been fixed now…… PHEW!
    I am so happy you loved day 3 and YES I ALSO LOVE the Stress Free Mantra. It’s so catchy and easy to remember. You are doing a FANTASTIC job and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.
    Keep singing your heart open.
    Love and light

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