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Why We Need to Free the Voice

In 30 years of guiding people to unlock the power of their voices through music, sound and singing, I have witnessed miraculous healings and transformations.

If you are feeling stagnant or stuck or simply called to step fully into your purpose and unlock the power of your own voice — then we invite you to learn the tools we have been cultivating for three decades to SING TO THRIVE!

Discover YOUR Joyful Path to Healing HERE.

Do you struggle to
express yourself authentically?

Did you know that your upbringing and past experiences shape your self-esteem, confidence, self expression and your ability to communicate clearly with others. When we’re not authentically expressing ourselves, it negatively impacts our health, wealth and happiness. And anything unexpressed clings and blocks the flow of life from moving through you; which manifests as “Dis-Ease,” fear, unhealed trauma or limiting beliefs, effecting your ability to:

  • Ask for what you want
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Trust & believe in your Self
  • Communicate confidently
  • Show up authentically in relationships

  • Access intuition & self awareness
  • Make healthy life choices
  • Consciously manifest your dreams
  • Sing your heart out
  • Be joyful and spontaneous

Are you Ready to Free your Voice and Thrive Fully?

The Sing to Thrive Method helps you to unlock your voice, reduce stress, build optimism, sharpen focus, and tap into Source Energy to manifest your best life — and become a great singer in the process!

It is scientifically proven that when you sing with intention, it swiftly:

Improves Learning, Memory & Focus

Builds Positive Growth Mindset

Fosters Deep Inner Happiness

Boosts Confidence & Self Belief

Develops Emotional Resilience

Increases Immunity

Reverses Ageing

Energises Your Entire Biology

Reduces Fear, Stress, and Anxiety


You improve your musicality, become a better singer, and it's fun!

The Science of Singing

Understanding the brain inspires us to change our behaviors:
  • Brain Transformation through Singing: Singing enhances brain function by boosting mood-elevating neurotransmitters, calming the nervous system, and improving cognitive abilities, contributing to stress reduction, enhanced focus, and emotional well-being.

  • Holistic Health Benefits: Beyond its mental benefits, singing increases oxygen flow, massages the vagus nerve, improves cellular health, and fosters a beneficial mind-body connection, highlighting the power of positive thoughts in shaping our biological reality.

  • Consciousness and Connectivity: Music and singing have a powerful effect on both our well-being and sense of unity among people. Positive thoughts & intentions impact our collective mindset within communities.

Key Discovery

Recognizing the influence of thoughts and intentions on our biology and environment is a monumental scientific breakthrough, showcasing the power of human consciousness.
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Biology of Belief

A Healing Path that’s Fun!

Go from feeling stuck and small to empowered and free! 


Unlock your full potential
to sing & speak in freedom.


Joyfully transform limiting beliefs,
trauma & patterns.


Upgrade daily habits & mindset
to sing your Soul to happiness!


The Sing to Thrive Method

Join the online Healing Hub

Learn the Sing to Thrive Method

For the past 30+ years, Julia Williamson has been honing her craft and building her big, beautiful body of work – while working with thousands of people to transform their lives through the power of music, sound and song. The Sing to Thrive Method is where Julia and her daughter Maddy share everything they have learned and created over the years, in one convenient and inspiring location. 

Here’s everything that’s included with your tuition: 

  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    The Music for a Positive Mindset Library
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Colour and Sound Healing Activations
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Personal Transformation Journeys
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Open Eye Singing Meditations
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Weekly Singing and Ukulele classes
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Weekly Mantra Singing Meditations
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Bi-Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Healing & Skill-Building Workshops
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Podcasts with transformational teachers
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Loving Community of Music-Makers

This is a living library, where new transformation-inducing resources, songs and experiences
will be added every month to support and inspire you on your joyful healing path!

"Julia’s music contribution plays an important role that enhances and engages empowering love connections among the heart, mind, and spirit. We love and use the music at our Honeymoon Effect Retreats. Huge thanks for your music."
Dr Bruce Lipton & Margaret Horton
Author, Stem Cell Biologist, Epigenetics, Quantum Science
“Julia is a powerhouse of heart, voice and healing and full of inspiration and depth! One of the most enjoyable and expansive voice workshops I have ever experienced. A transformative gift for anyone wishing to connect more powerfully with your inner self whilst you sing your heart out in a grounded and very supportive environment! Highly recommend!”
Michaela D'Addario
Spiritual Strategist for Senior Business Leaders, CEO Creative Evolution Consultancies
"What a powerful and efficient resource for achieving a positive mindset and opening pathways of self-expression. Mindfulness, self compassion and the benefits of joyful singing masterfully woven together. Brilliant!"
free the voice coaching at its best - testimonial - carmel moore
Carmel Moore
Founder of Voicemoves Yoga, Speech Pathologist, Voice Dialogue Counsellor and Singer

High Vibe Music

Your Ultimate Source for Inspirational Music Playlists! Elevate your family’s mood and mindset with catchy tunes designed to ignite growth, positivity, and develop your musicality.
  • Backed by science, our curated playlists harness the transformative power of music to enhance mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

  • Dive into positivity, sing your heart out, and let the rhythm of inspiration propel you toward a brighter, happier you. Perfect for driving & in the house!

  • Song library infused with conscious lyrics designed to rewire the brain, and coach the ear to hear harmonies. Downloadable Lyric song book included!

Heal With Colour and Sound

Experience immediate revitalization of body and mind with our powerful Colour and Sound Healing Activations!
  • Instant Reset and Renewal: Revitalize your body and mind, improve blood health, soothe physical pain, increase energy levels and address core beliefs.

  • Stress Relief and Balance: Tone your nervous system and balance brain waves for immediate self-healing, mental clarity and uplifting your mood.

  • Spiritual Manifestation: Activate your pineal gland through vocal toning and amplify your dreams, intuition and body’s vibrational blueprint.

Personal Transformation Journeys

These dynamic guided journeys (with interactive singing) switch off fight or flight so your body can heal. Experience personal growth like never before!
  • Joyful self-discovery, combining education, meditation, singing, positive affirmations and movement to heal and shift your energy profoundly.

  • Rewire your mindset and break free from the negative habits that stop you from achieving lasting, positive transformation.

  • Discover who you’re here to be, as you sharpen focus, heighten intuition and consciously create your best life.

Singing and Harmony Lessons

Empower Your Voice by utilizing our neuro-somatic approach to enrich your tone, master harmonies and open your voice.

  • Receive expert coaching on technique, performance, vocal health and fun ways to train the ear, expand your vocal range and improve pitch, rhythm, and timing.

  • Practice with our inspirational lyrics designed to rewire the brain with a positive growth mindset, boosting your focus, confidence and charisma.

  • Activate your Reticular Activating System: ignite a ‘Brain Flow State’ with stunning imagery imprinting positivity and manifest your desires through song.

A healing path that's joyful!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Wow, the meditation was a beautiful follow on from my breath work practice. I felt the LOVE pour into my heart from Mother Earth and started crying. Such a safe way for people to release emotions. Very expansive and profound.
testimonial for colour and sound video series
Miranda Short
Breath Work Facilitator
I really like the dynamic nature of the sound and music, and the sound of your voice is soothing. From my trauma-informed perspective, I feel you have covered it well, including the effects of singing and meditation on the brain and body. Really lovely.
Helene Collard
Trauma-Informed Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher
What an absolutely fabulous program! Julia has such a beautiful energy and is very supportive, bringing out the best in everyone. Love love love the conscious music and vibe, Julia is so encouraging, open and kind and I'm so pleased I found her and this excellent singing program.
Gina McClintok
Yoga Teacher

The Sing to Thrive Healing Hub


Founding Member Pricing
$ 49 Monthly
  • Price goes up to $97 per month on July 1st.


Founding Member Pricing
$ 497 For 1 Year
  • Price goes up to $795 per year on July 1st.


  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    The Music for a Positive Mindset Library
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Colour and Sound Healing Activations
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Personal Transformation Journeys
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Open Eye Singing Meditations
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Weekly Singing and Ukulele classes
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Weekly Mantra Singing Meditations
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Bi-Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Podcast: Transformational subjects with guest instructors
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    LIVE Monthly Deep-Dive Healing & Skill-Building Workshops
  • Green Tick Shield Varients
    Loving Community of Music-Makers to sing & grow with

Your Holistic Voice Coaches

The Mother & Daughter Team

Julia Williamson

Julia Williamson is a Holistic Voice Coach and Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner, with a rich background in professional singing, teaching and facilitating thousands of community singing groups across Australia, Bali and the United Kingdom. In 2006, Julia founded a unique singing and healing school, leveraging neuroplasticity, singing, and music for transformative experiences.

She is dedicated to keeping it real and empowering individuals to liberate their voice, cultivate a ‘can do’ mindset and shape a more fulfilling life. With over 20 years of expertise, she has discovered that healing can be a swift and joyful process. Having navigated personal turmoil, including the impact of abuse, Julia developed a simple yet profound healing approach.

Joined by her daughter Maddy Monacelli in 2016 they became the light force behind Sing to Thrive to guide individuals through personal challenges, focusing on positive and enduring transformations to foster holistic well-being across the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual realms. Their distinctive methodology aims to unlock the full potential of the human voice, creating a space for individuals to connect deeply with their soul’s truth and make positive shifts in their lives.

Maddy Monacelli

Madeleine Monacelli embarked on her musical journey at age 10, finding her passion for singing nurtured within her mother’s singing and healing school. Influenced by a blend of past life healing, metaphysics, and spirituality, she cultivated a deep commitment to truth, healing, and personal growth.

Fearlessly exploring her vocal capabilities, Madeleine liberated her voice from the constraints of perfectionism, unveiling a crystalline clarity that resonates with unparalleled beauty. Since 2013, she has been an integral part of the Singing & Healing School, sharing her expertise in singing, dancing, performance, and musical instrumentation with students of all ages. Her contributions extend to crafting harmonies on the Sing to Thrive albums and creating new song material with heartfelt messages for positive change.

Certified as a Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner, Madeleine utilises her skills at her clinic in the Byron Shire to empower individuals to unleash their voices and transform their lives. Through facilitating Sing to Thrive groups and private sessions for all ages, she offers not only enhanced vocal ability but a holistic elevation of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Julia is the midwife of melody, a gifted teacher and a truly pleasant and loving soul. Her style of teaching is intuitive and her knowledge is vast and delivered with grace. Thank you Julia
Matt Craven
Loved the colour sound healing videos. The sound and quality of the videos are fantastic. The beautiful kaleidescope effect is quite mesmerizing and very relaxing. Before I did it I was feeling a little tired – in need of a nap. After I did it I felt more alive, lighter, fresh, more alert. Brain fog gone! Very effective!
Vivienne Savill
Julia's music and program have been incredibly uplifting for both myself and others, offering a powerful pathway to harness the potential of our voices. Uncovering and addressing underlying beliefs that may hinder vocal expression while incorporating the transformative practice of singing affirmations is simply transformational. Overall, her work is brilliant and immensely rewarding!
Anna Sophia