An easy to follow process to joyfully work on your singing skills at home or use the songs to teach in class or choir

  • 6 Easy steps to build your singing, harmony and improvisation skills
  • A large variety of a cappella rounds, call and respond and harmony songs to practice singing along with
  • Individual audios to learn each song part, ie; soprano, alto, tenor, bass, counterpoint, solo to refine your ear to hear harmonies
  • No music reading skills required – audios for all harmony parts provided
  • Percussive clapping tracks to improve timing and rhythm
  • Instrumental backing tracks for songs with guitar or ukulele to use for practice or performing
  • Catchy and contemporary songs to expand your vocal capacity
  • All albums have accompanying songbooks full of activities, features, benefits, spiritual messages and lyrics to educate and make learning easy and fun
  • 7 albums grouped by theme for effortless class planning
  • An instant boost to your repertoire ie: choirs, teachers and facilitators

Added Bonus – ALL songs have positive messaging to uplift and inspire

To LISTEN click on any album below to hear the songs on that album. Get inspired to Sing Better, Feel Better and Live Better!

The albums and songbooks are digital downloads only.