7 Step Reset

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So many people have trouble speaking up for fear of confrontation, being judged, being outcast, etc.    I have navigated the personal turmoil of abuse and know how that affects the voice, suppresses how we express ourselves and manifests as dis-ease in the body. From years of experience I have discovered HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ways to heal and transform these fears for you to live as the fully expressed person you were born to be.

The 7 STEP RESET is a FUN online course designed to help heal old wounds, trauma and limiting beliefs and free the voice to speak your truth, sing in freedom and burst with creativity.  You need a minimum of 1 hour for each lesson but you can take as long as you like to complete the course. 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months just stick to your own pace. You will experience awesome healing activations, meditation, singing, toning, journalling, song-writing, and more.  Plus we have loads of support along the way.  You won’t regret it…. Just Do It … YES!!!!

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4 reviews for 7 Step Reset

  1. Anna Sophia (verified owner)

    Sing to Thrive’s 7 steps course to a better voice is brilliant as it helps one to look at what beliefs undermine one from using the true potential of voice and opens the doorway to one’s creativity through singing one’s own affirmations.

  2. Elle Cosby (verified owner)

    This 7 Day Reset was refreshing and unique in its approach to heal old wounds. The healing activations made it easier to access and feel my pain and release it. I feel so much lighter and the songs keep playing in my head and just make me happy. I found myself singing at different times which is a new thing for me and this is definitely an easy and fun way to get a positive mindset and build new habits. I loved the challenge of the song writing and doing this course definitely boosted my creativity. Hallelujah!

  3. Morgan Gregson (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Sing to Thrive 7 Day Reset. Julia’s approach to rewiring beliefs through the power of the voice and song is unique to anything I’ve ever experienced. My favourite part about the course was the beautiful healing activations which allowed me to tap into the messages my body wanted to share with me and raise my vibration through the power of song and mantra. This course is for anyone looking to delve into their limiting beliefs, activate their voice and move into a more coherent way of being within themselves. An incredible program to invest in yourself.

  4. Katrina Jackson (verified owner)

    Sing to Thrive’s 7 day Reset was a fabulous course. Each day focused on something different and includes meditation, singing, journaling and mantras which really resonated with me. I found serendipitous moments occurring whist participating in the reset and have been singing these beautiful songs as I go about my day. I would do it all again! Thank you Julia !

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