In the words of Paul McCartney, “You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.” But they still strike a chord in our hearts.  Now science can explain why this is the case.  But even more exciting is just how much singing songs of love, compassion and inspiration are doing not just to our entire biology but the quantum field around us that ripples out to the whole world and affects what we manifest in our lives. 

The magnetic fields produced by the human heart during certain kinds of emotions extend far beyond our bodies into the physical world that even satellites can pick up.  Quantum science shows us undoubtedly what we think, feel and believe effects and determines our reality.  We perceive our reality through our belief systems, and we make choices from these belief systems.  So essentially, we are all a product of our beliefs. 

Many scientists, including Dr Bruce Lipton, reveal that we are programmed by the age of 7, and many of us end up wearing our parent’s beliefs as a shroud.  We don’t even know why we think something, but we do because of something called neuroplasticity.  When we are first born, our brain is in a critical period.  This basically means it is like a sponge, absorbing its environment and creating new neural pathways for everything it hears, feels and sees.  No wonder it’s so easy to learn multiple languages and pick up our parent’s good and bad habits as a little ones.  My dad was born during the depression, and he still, at 90, mops up his dinner plate, so he doesn’t waste a thing!  Every belief has a neural pathway, and these neural pathways take up neo-cortex real estate, which is valuable real estate space in the brain.  Whatever thoughts take up the majority of your thinking will become the dominant pathways, and these neural circuits become the producer of your very own reality tv show.

Just having a basic understanding of the brain motivates us to change our behaviours because we now KNOW that we genuinely are co-creators with the universe.  Sadly, however, many of us aren’t living the reality we truly want, have given up on our dreams and, on some level, believe we don’t have what it takes to create the life of our choosing.  Some even think they don’t deserve to have what they want.  There are so many limiting, negative, painful beliefs that keep us stuck and small in our limited thinking.

This is where awareness is important.  We have to become the observer and keenly watch our behaviours and thoughts, and sometimes it’s exhausting.  But when we become awake enough to recognise a bad habit or negative thinking as it is happening, we can start to explore its origin and unravel the threads that keep it so tightly woven into the fabric of our subconscious patterns.  We need to replace these negative neural pathways with new circuits because that real estate is precious, and we don’t have time anymore for these limiting beliefs.  These beliefs are simply not true and will hold you back for lifetimes, believe me…LOL.  So how do we do that quickly and easily?  

I have tried many healing techniques that have all been effective in their own way, and I think it is vital to have a toolkit with different modalities that work on the varied aspects of our lives.  However, let me tell you, NONE, and I mean NONE, have been as joyful, fun, cathartic, happy, exciting and deeply felt as singing is. And when you sing catchy, upbeat songs with positive affirmations and healing mantras, you are quickly creating new neural pathways because guess what.  The feel-good chemicals that singing produces actually help consolidate the new neural growth, helping it become permanent in a shorter amount of time, and our new real estate with ocean views and abundance becomes our new normal.


Of course, God made it this easy for us to heal.  Our voice is our own unique healing tool.  So imagine singing your own personal healing mantra daily!   Science shows within 21days, if done with focus and intention, new brain maps can be consolidated.  When we sing something meaningful to us, it cracks open the heart, and we won’t care that we are singing a silly love song to ourselves because we know it makes us feel great and is sending good vibrations out into the quantum field to transmute into a material manifestation!  

Your voice is a powerful ally in creating the future you deserve.  You have the power to turn your entire life around if you choose to. 

  1. The number one thing to start this journey is to develop a loving relationship with your voice. Be grateful and thank it for being there for you.  Forgive yourself for all the times you stayed small and didn’t speak up.  The belief that kept you small and in fear will get obliterated by the second step. 
  1. Create a habit of singing positive, uplifting lyrics with focus and heart-felt intention. This anti-ageing strategy will supercharge your manifestations, improve your physical health ten-fold, and boost your mental health with a much-needed injection of happiness.  And right now, poor mental health is an epidemic.  Everyone’s mental health needs some joy and upliftment because the drama on the world stage has dragged us down to very low vibrations, and that energy is not where we want to be creating our lives from. 

Plus, did you know you can’t feel fear or anxiety when you are feeling inspired!  That is how the brain works.  Don’t you just love that!  Now it gets juicy because being inspired about a glorious future keeps us in a higher vibration and the singing and music support this process and help keep the dominant real estate of the brain in positive mode.  You become the regulator of your emotions and are not a victim of external circumstances.  

The power of singing and music elevates our mood and transforms our biology.  It opens our hearts to more love, compassion, gratitude and joy.  Merge this with conscious intention, and you have a potent tool for change.  The benefits of singing with focused intention can give to ALL aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives are nothing short of phenomenal.  The best part is it is so easy and FUN.  So bring on the silly, inspiring love songs!

Copyright: Julia Williamson –  Founder of Sing to Thrive

April 4, 2022

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